Abstrakt: Gordon McCabe27.02.2007

''Space-time, elementary particles, and the fundamental laws of nature''

The purpose of this presentation is to expound and analyse (i) the relationship between the nature of space-time and the types of elementary particle which are permitted to exist, and (ii) the relationship between elementary particle types and the fundamental laws of nature which those elementary particles are required to satisfy.

The main point to be argued is that the particle types in a universe are determined by the irreducible unitary representations of the local space-time symmetry group, and the fundamental laws of elementary particles are simply the configuration space expressions of those irreducible unitary representations. This entails that there is a conceptual link between the signature, dimension and orientation of a space-time and the fundamental laws of physics which govern particles within that space-time. The fundamental laws of nature are determined by the fundamental types of thing which exist, and these laws cannot be otherwise than they are because they spring from the essential nature of the things which exist.